Kriv Nemmonis

Law Loving Paladin of Vengence that Hates Dragons

Core Stat Value
Class Paladin
Level 8
HP 68
Initiative -1
Speed 30
Hit Dice 8d10
Armor Class 17
Proficiency 3
Weapon To Hit Damage Type Range
Longbow 2 1d8-1 Piercing 150/600
Spear (2H) 7 1d8+4 Piercing 20/60
Greatsword 7 2d6+4 Slashing 5
Stat Score Modifier Save
Strength 18 4 4
Dexterity 8 -1 -1
Constitution 14 2 2
Intelligence 10 0 0
Wisdom 10 0 3
Charisma 16 3 6

Born in the second brood of the Savage family, Kriv started life as a warrior. The Savage family had founded the Savage Corps, a group of former guards and failed adventurers that sold themselves as special hired soldiers to the royals along the Swordcoast. While initially a group that specialized in artillery attacks due to the fact most of them were from the same fire-breathing dragonborn clan, the group eventually became best known putting down the goblin uprisings, wandering orc warbands, and other threats usually seen as too small for traditional adventuring parties to deal with.

Kriv was not the greatest warrior of the Savage family, but he was one of the most ruthless. Upon earning his status as an adult after defeating his uncle in this test of manhood, Kriv took over as leader of his uncle’s troops. Kriv and the Savages, which the group was briefly known as, acted as little more than bandits while traveling the coast. They charged extreme fees of the traveling merchants for protections and would often tell the actual bandits the locations of anyone that didn’t pay.

On one of these protection runs, Kriv and his band finally met with disaster. When attempting to hassle money from a particular wealthy merchant, the tables turned and most of the bandits were killed as the merchant turned into a silver dragon. The Savage clan themselves had appealed to the Harpers to remove the bad seeds that had taken root in their clan. The Harpers in turn called on their allies, the metallic dragons, to pose as merchants to discover the true nature of the bandits. Kriv and the Savage stood little chance once the Savage Corps had betrayed them and a giant dragon began to eat them.

Kriv managed to escape the resulting bloodbath. With a family that had betrayed him and no place to call home, Kriv started to wander the streets of Waterdeep until fate found him once again. While begging for change at the temple of Ilmater, one of the royals took Kriv off his knees and took him to a private room in one of the private barracks the royal owned.

The royal, Lord Neverember, started. “Kriv Savage, why do you waste your time and talent begging for change in front of a God that has more or less perpetually given up?” With his jeweled right hand, the Lord slapped Kriv across his snout. “No, you should never give up! I had my eye on you for some time. In all cases where my men were forced to pay for your protection, you earned that money and more. Never once did you double cross and take anything more than what was agreed to. When I told my men to not pay for your services, half the time they ended up dead and in every case I lost more than I would have paid for you and your men. No, this is not the place for you.”

The Lord began to pace the room, speaking about the value of good workers that know the value of money. Kriv had stopped paying attention long ago, but was finally beginning to fill something different. Back before the banditry days, Kriv had been drawn to his more disciplined aunts, uncles, and teachers within Savage Corps. In this aggressive and rich Lord, Kriv began to see a future serving this powerful regent. Kriv got off the chair he had been sitting on, went to his knee before his new lord, and declared, “Lord Neverember, you are a man of great power. Please, let me be of purpose once again. Let me be your sword. Let me strike that which will and you will see it stand no more.”

After a brief ceremony, Kriv gained a new name and title. Nemmonis had been the name of a now broke lordling of little influence. To further add insult to the pain of losing their wealth, Lord Neverember granted the land and titles of Nemmonis to Kriv, on the condition that he be served without question and Kriv must disown the Savage name and never use it again. Kriv accepted immediately.

Kriv Nemmonis

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